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Pete Dyson & Rory Sutherland present a bold, people-friendly approach to improving travel and transport. 

Read more in their book, listen and watch their talks, get in touch to speak and work with them directly.

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People are not cargo. We choose how and when to travel, influenced not only by speed and time but by habit, status, comfort, variety – and many other factors that engineering equations don’t capture at all.

The greatest hope for a brighter future lies in adapting transport to more human wants and needs. Behavioural science has immense potential to improve the design of vehicles, roads, railways, planes and pavements – as well as the ways in which we use them – but only when we embrace the messier reality of how people travel.


Promoting a more balanced diet of transport options breaks free of 'fast food' thinking. People should be free to travel in healthier and more sustainable ways, overcoming the default to drive. By thinking in terms of user capability, opportunity and motivation to travel (and sometimes not-need-travel) we can (re)build more inclusive and resilient transport systems.

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About the authors

Pete Dyson was a founding member of the Ogilvy Behavioural Science Practice in 2013. In 2020 he joined the UK Department for Transport as its first Principal Behavioural Scientist. He is currently at the University of Bath undertaking a PhD researching policies designed to promote sustainable travel habits in UK towns and cities.

Twitter @pete_dyson


Rory Sutherland is the Vice Chairman of Ogilvy UK and the co-founder of its Behavioural Science Practice. He is author of Alchemy: The Surprising Power of Ideas that Don’t Make Sense, writes The Spectator’s Wiki Man column and presents several series for Radio 4. His TED talks have been viewed more than 7 million times.

Twitter @rorysutherland




Tim Harford, BBC & Financial Times, author of 'How to Make the World Add Up' 

"Impish yet wise, this book is packed with fresh ideas. Transport would be so much better if even half of them were embraced by planners, politicians and designers. Read, learn and laugh – I did."

Bridget RosewellCommissioner, National Infrastructure Commission

"This book is bursting with ideas to make transport work for real people, and while some of the ideas might prove unsuccessful, all of themare worth trying"

Christian Wolmaraward winning writer and broadcaster specialising in transport

"Transport is desperately in need of good ideas and innovation. This highly original and entertaining book is filled with both."

Read, listen and watch more...

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30 minute episode of 'The Spark' - an interview by Helen Lewis with Pete Dyson and Rory Sutherland. First broadcast on 2nd September 2022

'Nudging on public transport' A detailed review of the book by transport journalist 'Long Branch Mike'

"Designing Transport for Humans, Not Econs" A review of the book's core argument, introducing the character 'Homo transporticus'

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  1. Presentations bringing to life Transport For Humans at conferences/podcasts/company events/etc.

  2. Workshops on specific topics applying behavioral insight

  3. Projects, analysis and evaluation of transport behaviour scenarios

  4. Consultancy on how to build a behavioural science team within a private or public sector transport organization


  • Ways to enhance user experience 

  • Sustainable and active travel behaviour change 

  • Digital innovation, fares and ticketing

  • Commuting behaviour, work-from-home and future scenarios

  • Emerging transport technologies; micromobility/automation

  • Managing disruption & delays

  • Building a behavioural science team within the transport sector


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